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Welcome to Durham Pediatric Dentistry
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Welcome to Durham Pediatric & Orthodontics! We’re honored you are entrusting us with your child’s dental care and look forward to being part of your “health” family for many years.  Our office staff will work with you to find convenient appointment times and we will do our best to minimize appointments that interrupt the school or work day.

Before Your First Visit

We look forward to meeting you and your child at your first appointment. Please visit our Patient Forms page and print out a copy of our Pediatric Health History Form. Please complete this form and bring it with you to your first appointment. A copy of our Privacy Policy (HIPAA) is also available for you to review.

If your child has been seen by another dentist, please contact that office at least two weeks in advance and request that your child’s x-rays and dental history be sent to us. This will provide us with important dental information and also avoid unnecessary duplication of x-rays for your child.

If you have dental insurance, please provide that information when you are scheduling your appointment. Always bring your current insurance card with you to each appointment. Please refer to our Insurance page if you have additional insurance questions.

For more information on what to expect at your child’s appointment, please visit our Pediatric Dentistry page.

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How to Prepare Your Child for Their Appointment

Please discuss the positive aspects of dentistry to your child. A dental visit is part of growing up. Explain that Dr. Rob and Dr. Jamie are gentle, friendly, and will be happy to see them. They will “look, count, and clean” their teeth.

We recommend you avoid telling your child that the dentist “will not hurt,” as this may have never entered their minds. We recommend you avoid using words such as needle, shots, drills, or others that may create fear or anxiety.

Dental treatment and materials have improved over the years, making most dental procedures pain free. When parents or siblings share their past dental experiences with a child, they often create unnecessary fear and anxiety.

We will provide individualized and compassionate care to your child in a warm and supportive environment. Laughter and lightheartedness are the norm in our office. With your help and cooperation, we are confident your child will leave our office with healthy teeth and positive feelings towards our dental team.

Years of experience has shown us that the greatest thing you can do to prepare your child for their first visit is to simply expect them to do well!

What to Expect:


When you arrive at our office, your child will be greeted by one of our friendly front office staff. They will offer your child a selection of stickers to write their name on. They will collect your completed health history form and insurance information. We will also ask your child if they would like to brush their teeth before they are examined. We have a brush-up area where children can brush their teeth with pre-pasted, disposable toothbrushes. All patients coming from school or daycare are encouraged to brush their teeth while their parents are checking in at our front desk.

A member of our clinical team will then meet you and your child in the reception room and bring you back to our clinic area. Here you will meet other members of our dental team. We will review your child’s health history and let your child select a colorful, new toothbrush. We offer sunglasses to protect sensitive eyes before turning on the exam light. We use a technique called “Tell-Show-Do” from the first visit. “Tell-Show-Do” is a technique where we tell your child what we plan to do, demonstrate or show what we will do, and finally, do the procedure. We will use terminology that is familiar to your child and explain how all of our special dental tools work — including the chair.

Your Child’s First Appointment