Caring For Your Braces

Taking proper care of your braces is a big responsibility.   

Keeping your braces clean is necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums throughout treatment.

Following the food guidelines will prevent loose brackets & broken wires which slow down orthodontic progress.

If you follow these guidelines, we are sure you will end up with a BEAUTIFUL smile!! Please contact our office if you ever have any questions or concerns.


We have found these videos to be helpful in understanding how to properly care for your braces. You must enter a password to view the videos.  


parts of braces1. Parts of braces

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2. Pain and discomfort (using wax)

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brushing with braces

3. Brushing techniques

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4. Flossing (with Superfloss)

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brushing with proxabrush5. Brushing with a Proxabrush

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decalcification6. Preventing white spots (decalcification)

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broken brackets    7. The problem with loose brackets

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Foods to Avoid

8. Foods to avoid

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class II9. How to wear your rubberbands (Class II)

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class III

10. How to wear your rubberbands (Class III)

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retainer11.Wearing your Retainer

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